Immerse Yourself in the Universe of Game Marketing

  • Innovation

    Discover how technical innovation drove consumer engagement and changed both our culture and consumer behaviour for ever.

  • Inspiration

    Learn from industry giants how brands have capitalized on new gaming environments to engage consumers and inspire their commitment.

  • Activation

    Build a playbook of powerful and effective new models to communicate the strength of your brand and attract consumer investment.

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Discover what's coming up in Season 1, the key areas we will cover, and how this will help you develop world class marketing skills. Wherever you work in the marketing industry, or if you just want to learn more,  get started with the world's largest mass marketing channel.
Explore how gaming has altered the way we interact with each other, and the four key environments that impact how we engage with brands. Learn how gaming has its foundations in the social environment, how it empowers captive audiences, and supercharges business conversations.
Discover the impact and value that game marketing delivers to economies around the world and the key statistics that tell the story. Find out where your customers are, and what they are doing, and how the reach and flexibility of mobile devices delivers the numbers you need to make a difference!
A quick recap of the key discoveries in Season 1, areas to focus on, and the opportunities ahead. Test your knowledge, make the grade, and earn yourself a valuable certification!