Drive Business Growth With World Class Skills And Capability In Game Marketing

  • Communication

    Reach and engage with your target audiences in the right place at the right time with the right message

  • Capability

    Effectively capitalise on different formats and methods and learn how and when to use them

  • Commerce

    Plan confidently to smash campaign objectives including awareness, retail, footfall and performance

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Seasons 1 and 2 are OUT NOW!

Season 1 takes us on a wild ride from the launch of the commercial game industry in the early 1970s to the modern day.

It covers the way it has changed our culture, driven creative innovation, and now engages half the world's population.

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Season 2 delivers a deep dive on the most important asset game marketing has to offer - its audiences.

We show how gamers are not who you think they are, and how game personas drive efficient and effective campaigns.

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Industry Testimonials

Angeli Beltran | eRB Director - Reckitt

Transformation and Special Projects

The Game Academy is a rollercoaster ride through the sensational universe of game marketing. In season one, great presenters deliver inspiring insights into game development and culture. It offers a roadmap for any marketer reaching out to these highly desirable audiences. I’d recommend it to everyone in the industry.